Tuesday, September 10, 2013

:: Bruschetta ::

  My favorite summer lunch is bruschetta. It's so light and refreshing!!! It is simple to make too! Just take a few small tomatoes, half an onion ( I used a little less than half, ) and about six or seven fresh basil leaves. IMG_2623   Chop everything into small pieces...

IMG_2633   Once you are done chopping, throw everything into a small bowl, and sprinkle on sea salt, pepper, garlic, and romano cheese. Stir and drizzle with olive oil. Make sure to taste it!!! If it needs any more spices, just sprinkle a bit more on...

IMG_2638 IMG_2641   Now you can throw your favorite kind of bread in the toaster...

IMG_2646 Once your bread is nicely toasted, spoon the tomato mixture on the bread. Mmmm, delicious!!!!!


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