Wednesday, February 12, 2014

:: Glitter Light Switch Plate ::

Last week I decided to glam up my light switch plate a bit...

IMG_83052 IMG_8199

To start off, you will need:
   - gold acrylic paint
   - a small paintbrush
   - some type of gold glitter (I used gold glitter glue I had found at a thrift store a few weeks ago)


First, brush a coat of gold paint onto the light switch plate. Let it completely dry, then go over it again if needed. It took me about three coats.


Then, start covering the light switch plate with glitter!!! Since this glue was pretty thin, it took a few coats to get the amount of glitter I wanted. After the glitter is dry, put the plate back on the wall and enjoy the sparkle!!!


A variation to the paint + glitter glue method: just use Mod Podge and loose glitter!!! It's a bit messier, but there are less steps and it wouldn't take as long. I used the paint and glitter glue because it was what I had laying around...

Have a lovely day!

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